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Het hart van de zaak: waarom apologetiek faalt te overtuigen — July 9, 2014

Het hart van de zaak: waarom apologetiek faalt te overtuigen

The Heart of the Matter: Why Apologetics Fails to Convince

This is the pre-editorial version of my recent (Dutch language) article for newspaper Reformatorisch Dagblad, a conservative newspaper in the Netherlands, on why apologetics fails to convince its audience. I use James K. A. Smith’s book “Desiring the Kingdom” to show that apologetics doesn’t reach the human heart, the real locus of dedication and source of transformation.
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The Cost of Discipleship — July 5, 2014

The Cost of Discipleship

The following is my blogpost for the Bethel Seminary admissions Blog on June 25th 2014

wwjd_by_F1lip3k“The Cost of Discipleship” is the wrongly translated title of Bonhoeffer’s “Nachfolge.” It should simply be “Discipleship,” although the translator was quite right in pointing out the cost involved in discipleship as Bonhoeffer saw it. What is, so I want to ponder in this piece, the cost of discipleship for us evangelicals today? As we will see it is one thing to have the mind of Christ but quite another to know what that mind is. This may seem a contradiction, but by the end of this article I hope it will be a self-evident paradox. Continue reading