embodiment is the end of god's path

Brewing An Irrelevant Christianity — November 10, 2015

Brewing An Irrelevant Christianity

A typical godless Xmas cup
A typical godless Xmas cup

Blessed are the irrelevant for they shall inherit oblivion! Don Quichotte is on the march again. Waging war against windmills. This time against the coffee grinders of Starbucks. The only reason he is making the news is because he is laughable. Continue reading

Theodicy: Seeing the Theo in It — November 9, 2015

Theodicy: Seeing the Theo in It

The Scream, Edvard Munch
The Scream, Edvard Munch

Theodicy, a complicated word for an even more complicated question: how can a good and omnipotent God allow the existence of evil in the world? As long as people have believed in God, believers, theologians, and philosophers have tried to explain how this is possible, How, in spite of all the unimaginable suffering that this world produces, there is actually a God and a good one at that. Most of those explanations seek to justify God: God (theo) is just (dikay), hence theodicy. Continue reading

Theology of the Cross or Theology of Glory? You Choose! — November 3, 2015