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Review/Blurb “Between the World and Me” — July 26, 2016

Review/Blurb “Between the World and Me”

25489625“Between the World and Me” is required reading for all! With his great mastery of language Ta-Nehisi Coates gives voice to the reality of racial oppression in America. He turns the poetic into sarcasm and biting analysis but never eradicates beauty from his prose as he talks about the love for his son, the admiration for his wife, and the irrepressible living hope for his people. His impressionistic style weaves a tapestry of images that blend his youth with the reality of survival in the street and integrate his maturation and intellectual development with the vast canon of black thought and intellectualism. Continue reading

Brewing An Irrelevant Christianity — November 10, 2015
Theodicy: Seeing the Theo in It — November 9, 2015

Theodicy: Seeing the Theo in It

The Scream, Edvard Munch
The Scream, Edvard Munch

Theodicy, a complicated word for an even more complicated question: how can a good and omnipotent God allow the existence of evil in the world? As long as people have believed in God, believers, theologians, and philosophers have tried to explain how this is possible, How, in spite of all the unimaginable suffering that this world produces, there is actually a God and a good one at that. Most of those explanations seek to justify God: God (theo) is just (dikay), hence theodicy. Continue reading

Encountering Jesus in the Gospel of Mark — September 27, 2014

Encountering Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

The strange Jesus of Mark
After not having read the Gospels for a few years and after abandoning the standard paradigm of already knowing who Jesus is and what the text means and thus coming to the text with assumptions, a prioris, and prior commitments, resulting in a Jesus who more conforms to our conventions and our fossilized religious framework, reading Mark anew provides for a fresh encounter.

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Jesus Among Sinners — June 30, 2014

Jesus Among Sinners

(My recent blogpost over at Whiteboard//Blip)

There she stood. She had been shamefully and publicly exposed as one committing adultery in a society that has only one outlet for sex: what we would call monogamous heterosexual marriage. Such qualifiers were hardly necessary in that Jewish patriarchal society where she was standing now: exposed; caught in the act. Continue reading

Het christelijk geloof als levensbeschouwing — November 21, 2013

Het christelijk geloof als levensbeschouwing

I wrote this article for Dutch newspaper Reformatorisch Dagblad in December 2011. While my opinion concerning the relevance of the arguments for God’s existence has radically changed, I still consider this article meaningful. It represents a position that is still widely held in evangelicalism.


Hoe kun je in een pluralistische samenleving als de onze de waarde en waarheid van het christelijk geloof laten zien? Continue reading